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Unblocking the Keyboard and Readline in EventMachine

Reading from the keyboard without blocking under EventMachine is pretty simple. Just use the builtin EM.open_keyboard and give it a connection handler. If you want to use Readline as well, unfortunately, you'll block the reactor unless you change the behavior of $stdin.

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Not only can you file transactions in any currency, but you can easily execute calculations on any, or all transactions even if they are in different currencies. Plurimus will automatically determine the exchange rates for the day of the transactions even if it was executed months ago. Not to worry, you can override the exchange rate on your own if you know better.


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View thousands of photos from the 13th World Kendo Championships in Taipei, 21st European Kendo Championships in Lisbon, 46th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships, 55th All Japan Men’s Kendo Championship, Noma Dojo Publishing Companies Kendo Tournaments, travel photography from all over Japan, SE Asian and Europe as well as snowboarding trips in Hokkaido, Japan.


Caleb Crane

Developer, Photographer

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